Friday, October 1, 2010

Good Morning Show Sept. 27th

Good Morning Texas

On Monday the 27th I appeared on “Good Morning Texas” on Channel 8, WFAA-Dallas (ABC).  I was featured on a segment called ”Mompreneur Monday.”  The show filmed live at the Texas State Fair in Dallas.  It was such a great show with tons of fun segments including ultimate dog show, a squealing baby pig, African dancers and healthy (yes, healthy) fair food.   I was interviewed by WFAA’s Amy Vanderoef.  So many of my friends have commented on how well the interview went because of Amy, who really did a great job of showcasing the shows for the viewers.  I was pretty nervous, but Amy really was awesome!
After we were done filming, me and my friend Michelle Marketos checked out the Fair (food).  We both wanted to have some yummy (not healthy) fair food.  Michelle opted for the famous corn dog, but I really wanted something sweet. So it was narrowed down to fried cookie dough or fried snickers.  Snickers won and man was it good.  Nothing you could really imagine.  After we finished checking out all the fried food we headed out and I got back on the road to San Antonio.
It was a super long drive Sunday and Monday alone but I was so happy to see Michelle and her family and to be on TV in Dallas.  So far, the appearance was a success with lots of great orders and tonz of positive publicity.
I love that Momprenuers always support each other. It really is a group to be proud to be a part of.
Clip of the show: