Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Post Release: Mom Entrepreneurs Enjoy Evening of Fundraising for Stop Child Trafficking Now

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New York, NY (June 30, 2011)—Six mom entrepreneurs journeyed to New York City Tuesday, June 28 for the “1st Annual MOMpreneurs Against Human Trafficking” Benefit for Stop Child Trafficking Now held at Pranna NY 79 Madison Avenue from 6:00PM-9:00PM.  The event held importance to mom entrepreneurs to take control of their lives, inspire each other, provide emotional support and to bring attention to child trafficking.
100% of the proceeds from the benefit went to Stop Child Trafficking Now, a non-profit organization that exists to stop child trafficking by targeting the source of child trafficking: predators that drive the sex industry everywhere in the world, including in local communities.
The evening kicked off with product viewing from featured mom entrepreneurs Sheena Edwards, Founder/Designer of Lizzie Lou Shoes;Leslie Haywood, Founder/Inventor of Grill Charms by Charmed Life Products; Ros Guerrero, Founder/Inventor of Ficklets; Marianne Impal, Founder/Inventor of RaeCole Products; Amy Sapirstien, Founder/Designer of MommyMitten; and Roberta Wagner, Founder/Designer/Inventor of Carry Her Doll Packs.
A short presentation was conducted by SCT NOW’s premiere volunteer and well-known political blogger, Elisha Krauss who spoke about the statistics of child trafficking. A global epidemic classified as the second largest criminal industry affecting the lives of 1.2 million children. Mom entrepreneurs spoke about their involvement with child trafficking and their efforts to raise awareness in their communities upon returning to their hometowns.
Other surprises included a speech by Lucinda Cross, author and founder of Corporate Mom Dropouts; brief introduction of Patricia Cobe and Ellen H. Parlapiano, founders of MomPreneursOnline.comand creators of the term “Mompreneur”; and live music provided byTamika “DJ FlyyMommy” Haywood, a DJ, dancer and fashion designer from Brooklyn, New York.
The event was sponsored by Mad Chic Boutique,  The Work at Home WomanHybrid Mom Bazaar, Lusso BagsMarket Mommy,Entreprenette and OS Fashion. In-kind sponsors include Honest Tea,Weinman Products LLcHer Journey MagazineExcel Rainman, Pingoand Free Pharmacy Discount.
To interview featured mom entrepreneurs, SCT NOW, DJ FlyyMommy or Lucinda Cross, contact Desiree Friesondfrieson@mahoganycommunications.com.
The “2nd Annual Mom Entrepreneurs Against Human Trafficking” Benefit for SCT Now will be held in Los Angeles in the summer of 2012. View the video for MomPreneurs Against Human Trafficking Fundraiser created by Carmelo B.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Soles4Souls helping change lives a pair of shoes at a time

Living June 16th
SAN ANTONIO - Soles4Souls, a charity that began not long after the Asian Tsunami, has provided over 14 million shoes to people in need. It is estimated that 1 out of every 4 people in the world are not able to afford shoes.

Soles4Souls has a simple mission: to take some of the wealth piled up in American closets, and give them to people in desperate situations.

A local business here in San Antonio, Lizzie Lou Shoes, has teamed up with Soles4Souls to help encourage us to get rid of gently used shoes. Beginning June 16, they will have a shoe drive that will last until the end of July. This is the perfect opportunity to give up those shoes in the back of your closet for a good cause. Click here to watch.

After cleaning out my closet this week, I donated a bag of my unwanted shoes and traded them into Lizzie Lou Shoes for a great deal. 2 pairs of shoes got me a 20% discount off any pair at Janie Christine's! I got to browse through beautiful hand stitched flip-flops, that are made with top quality crystals and real leather. The shoes are so affordable, it's impossible to leave without more than one pair.

For every pair of Lizzie Lou Shoes sold, Soles4Souls will donate a pair to someone in need. Customers who donate 2 pairs of gently used shoes or donate $2 will recieve a coupon for 20% off any pair at Janie Christine's, good through 7/31!

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Janie Christine's Gift Boutique
19141 Stone Oak Pkwy #109
San Antonio, TX 78258