Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mom Incorporated Book

Mom, Incorporated
Great guide to starting your own business 
and finding your true passion

Mom, Incorporated is a holistic, realistic guide to starting and growing a business with a baby or small children in your midst, written by popular social media personalities, Danielle Smith and Aliza Sherman, and featuring stories and advice about home-based businesses and the work/life juggle from 88 women across the U.S. and Canada.

I had the honor of being featured in the book and was interviewed by Smith in May after responding to a HARO request.  (Yes, HARO is awesome--time consuming, but awesome!) I was so excited to speak to her and learn about Mom, Incorporated.  After a short phone interview, she told me they were in final editing of the book and she wasn't quite yet sure where my story was going to fit in.

During a trip to Disneyland in June, I got an email from Smith asking for more information about Lizzie Lou Shoes.  She said her editor loved my story and wanted to dig a bit deeper.  (:-)) So, during a break from the parks, I emailed back and forth with her, providing some more insight on how I developed my business.  Still not knowing for sure what would make the final cuts and how much would be included, I was getting pretty excited about it.  

In late July I received an email: 

"My cheerleader, Lizzie"
We wanted to send you this note to say that you are quoted in our upcoming bookMom, Incorporated (Sellers Publishing, Oct 2011). 

This was pretty HUGE for me, providing some great exposure for my growing business.  On October 20, the book arrived.  I went straight to the index and found my name, Edwards 175-177.  I began reading the section out loud to my daughter Lizzie, who listened eagerly--telling her brother several times to be quiet so she could listen.  My section of the book includes my struggles, experience, and success in starting up Lizzie Lou Shoes.

I'm featured in the last chapter of the book, Chapter 8, "Our Business, Ourselves," along with 9 other women:

Page 169: For additional inspiration, we want to highlight some women who have hung the entrepreneurial shingle outside their homes, who have changed diapers while on conference calls, who have ignored the need for sleep in favor or "just a little more productivity" [and] who have invested more time than they ever thought existed....

Page 176: And don't think starting a business is  a piece of cake.  Sheena asserts very strongly, "You have to love it. this is a labor of love. If I didn't walk into my closet and see 20 pairs of flip-flops I loved I would have quit, because at 10 at night, I'm tired, and sometimes you have to keep going. If you don't love it, you won't keep going."  Passion is more than a huge part of most women's success.

My favorite part of my story in the book is the last paragraph on page 177: And that happiness translates into a two-fold success for Sheena: "First, owning my own business, designing and wearing my own shoe line, and sharing them with family and friends."   But even more than that is the benefit to her family.  "I'm able to do all of this and still be home with my three kids, Emily, eleven, Lizzie, eight, and Vince, four."

This book is the perfect guide for any mom looking to start a business.  Included throughout are worksheets and simple charts you can follow, lots of information on structuring your business, legal assistance, financing, marketing, budgeting and creating balance and boundaries.

Also, included is advice from 88 women like me who have also started their own businesses.  I love that many of these women I have spoken to, follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger. So many women to inspire anyone to follow their own dreams of being a mom and business woman!

Thanks again to Danielle Smith and Aliza Sherman who have made me a very happy customer, follower, and friend.

The book can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.