Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mom Invented®

What a great week I am having.  I am so proud of being featured on the Mom Invented website.  It was truly an honor to be on this site.  I received almost 700 hits to my website that day and I am still seeing people on my site daily thanks to the great article posted.
Thank you Tamara!  And Mom Invented®!

Mom Inventors Interview
From the age of two, Sheena Edwards’ youngest daughter, Lizzie, had an obsession with shoes. While out shopping one day, Lizzie picked up a pair of $200 crystal-embellished flip flops and said, "Do they have my size?" At that moment, it dawned on Sheena that no one had ever created a mother-daughter line of shoes.

She contacted her cousin Shilpi Goel in India and ran the idea past her. Shilpi had recently had a baby and was looking for an opportunity to work from home, and Lizzie Lou Shoes was born. It took nearly a year to bring the shoes to market, and Sheena's fabulous handcrafted jeweled flip flops launched at high-end specialty boutiques in San Antonio, Texas, and online in May 2009.
Sheena, a mom of 3, shares how she got her shoes to market, how she had to change her business focus and how she balances being a "working stay-at-home mom."
Mom Invented®: Why did you start this company?
Sheena Edwards: Being a stay at home Mom, I'm always interested in new opportunities to work at home. Shilpi had sent me many samples of products she could help produce from India, but never did either of us imagine we would embark on such a challenge.
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Great Blog to follow.....

Stay at Home Mom Biz is 

Off On the Right Foot

by POM on FEBRUARY 10, 2010
And the left for that matter!
This week’s Featured Mompreneur interview will knock your socks off, which is good because you don’t need ‘em with these sassy shoes!
Lizzie Lou Shoes, a company created by a mom of 3 after a shopping trip with her young daughter sparked an idea.  Six year old Lizzie asked her mom if a pair of $200 crystal flip flops came in her size (scary huh?).
Sheena Edwards, mompreneur and owner of Lizzie Lou Shoes decided right then that reasonably priced, beautiful, jeweled flips flops for moms and daughters, are a definite need!  She took this great idea and shared it with her cousin and business partner, Shilpi who lives in India and together they created a plan.
After about a year of development and hard work, Lizzie Lou Shoes officially launched Mothers Day weekend 2009 at Janie Christines in San Antonio, TX, where Sheena and her family reside.
In the short time since it’s inception, Lizzie Lou Shoes has grown and now offers 8 different styles of flips flops, hand stitched and elegantly adorned with genuine Swarovski Crystals.
This fun, must-have Summer footwear is available for both Women and fashion saavy little girls, like Lizzie!  Currently, they sell nationally online and at the San Antonio boutique where originially launched.  However, Sheena has plans to expand to boutiques across the U.S. this year!
Great story isn’t it?  If you want to learn more about how Sheena Edwards manages a new and thriving business while also managing her family full time, then don’t go anywhere!  Check out my Featured Mompreneur interview with this super cool mom below…
1.) What is your business?  Lizzie Lou Shoes are hand-crafted flip flops designed by mompreneur Sheena Edwards. Each flip flop is hand-stitched and embroidered in India with genuine Swarovski crystals.  Every sequin, bead, and crystal is hand-sewn to genuine leather straps, and the bottoms are made with the highest quality EVA flip flops available.  The individual care that goes into this process makes each shoe unique and beautiful.
4.) What made you decide to go into business for yourself? Or become a mompreneur?  Ever since I had my first child, Emily, I have wanted to be at home.  I love raising my three kids and being here for them during this precious time in their lives. So, for the past nine years I have always wanted to do something where I could be home with my kids but still be able to contribute to our income and have fun while doing it.  I have been involved in many “at home” businesses, but never anything with this kind of commitment or investment. My kids still come first, which is sometimes hard when I have orders to fill and deadlines to meet.  I just remind myself what is important and know that my business will grow in time.
5.) How long have you been working at it now?  The shopping trip with Lizzie took place in July 2008. It took awhile to find a good supplier and then we worked through several design changes before we finalized our first three styles. After almost a year of development, Lizzie Lou Shoes officially arrived on the market on Mother’s Day Weekend, 2009.  We launched our business at Janie Christine’s in Stone Oak San Antonio, where I live.  We started with three styles of women’s shoes and three matching children’s styles.  Since then we have expanded our women’s line with eight new styles, and six more in development.spring and summer season.
8.) How many kids do you have?  We have three kids, Emily (9), Lizzie (6), and Vince (2-½).  Our family is definitely complete.
9.) If you currently have kids, describe in detail how you manage your kids, husband, home and business.  Well, I am not sure that I manage it all sometimes.  I struggle daily with not having enough time to wear all the hats in my life. The biggest problem is I am a one woman show and I am doing the design, marketing, sales and all the other important details by myself. I try to get as much as I can done before the bus comes at 3:00 and the girls are home from school. I often take breaks to have a light saber duel and lunch with Vince.  I do have lots of other commitments, so sometimes; I just can’t get to it all.  And that is okay!
10.) What are your future plans for the business and home life?  I would like to see my business continue to grow and reach boutiques all over the US.  Next fall Vince will be three and will attend Montessori school five days a week, giving me more time to invest in the business.  Until then, I will continue to juggle being a full-time Mom and business owner.
11.) What is your best weapon against the stress of managing business and home?  I am blessed to have my parents in town who are able to help when things get busy and also a great network of friends.   I also try toremind myself that the most important thing is my kids and that we all are happy and healthy!  Everything else is just a bonus on top of that.
12.) Do you have any advice tips on becoming successful as a mompreneur?  Make sure you find something you really enjoy and be realisticabout how much time you can spend on your new business.
Also make as many connections as you can with other women and mompreneurs. It can be a win-win relationship. I found a great group of women on and they have given me so much support and I have helped me promote my business
The full article can be found at:   the Pursuit of Mommyness Blog

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Well first and foremost, I should not have attempted to make my blog "fancy."  That was a mistake that cost me hours of quality time and led to my lunch of Junior Mints and Diet Pepsi.  I am back now to the simple Blogger template.  At one point, I wasn't even sure I could get back here, so that is a relief. I think I will ask for help the next time from one of my awesome friends.
Had some good news yesterday, the San Antonio Living Show is interested in having me (Lizzie Lou Shoes) on the show in the next month.  Pretty exciting to be featured on their awesome TV program. Not a done deal yet, but I am confident my product will make a great segment.
With the warm weather last week and the sun shining, had lots of sales!  However, it is cold and wet this week, so we will have to wait till the Texas weather changes yet again.
Sunday Rodeo, Selena Gomez and good friends, should be lots of fun.