Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mom Invented®

What a great week I am having.  I am so proud of being featured on the Mom Invented website.  It was truly an honor to be on this site.  I received almost 700 hits to my website that day and I am still seeing people on my site daily thanks to the great article posted.
Thank you Tamara!  And Mom Invented®!

Mom Inventors Interview
From the age of two, Sheena Edwards’ youngest daughter, Lizzie, had an obsession with shoes. While out shopping one day, Lizzie picked up a pair of $200 crystal-embellished flip flops and said, "Do they have my size?" At that moment, it dawned on Sheena that no one had ever created a mother-daughter line of shoes.

She contacted her cousin Shilpi Goel in India and ran the idea past her. Shilpi had recently had a baby and was looking for an opportunity to work from home, and Lizzie Lou Shoes was born. It took nearly a year to bring the shoes to market, and Sheena's fabulous handcrafted jeweled flip flops launched at high-end specialty boutiques in San Antonio, Texas, and online in May 2009.
Sheena, a mom of 3, shares how she got her shoes to market, how she had to change her business focus and how she balances being a "working stay-at-home mom."
Mom Invented®: Why did you start this company?
Sheena Edwards: Being a stay at home Mom, I'm always interested in new opportunities to work at home. Shilpi had sent me many samples of products she could help produce from India, but never did either of us imagine we would embark on such a challenge.
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