Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally time for flip flops!

"Ahhhh, Spring.  The veil of clouds that has draped over us since October is finally lifting and the first hints of sunshine are putting a spring in our steps.  It's time to liberate our feet and slip into something a little more comfortable!

Oh, but there's a darker side to the warm weather months:  Cheap.  Flip.  Flops.
Why do women feel that summertime gives them permission to abuse their feet?  To buy $4.00 flip flops from the local discount store, only to ruin their pedicures with recycled plastic and ugly blisters?  Why do we look for good support when we shop for boots, but fail to do the same when buying flip flops?  Are we sitting down more during the summer months?  Are our feet immune to pain and suffering when it's warm outside?

Ladies, stop abusing your feet!  Flip flops don't have to ruin your knees and ankles!  Treat your feet to a comfortable and stylish summer.  You know where to find us..."

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