Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Featured on Hybrid Moms Bazaar

I love this story written by Amy Impellizzeri of Hybrid Mom and wanted to share it on my blog.  She has such a wonderful way of telling my story!

If you haven't checked out Hybrid Mom Bazaar then you need to.  So many wonderful products by Moms like me.

Lizzie Lou Shoes:  A Tale of Two Continents
Like many of us, Sheena Garg Edwards loves shoes.  But it was actually her 5 year old daughter’s (Lizzie Lou’s) love of shoes and a shopping trip in 2008 that inspired Sheena to jump into the shoe business.  Sheena and Lizzie were admiring a pair of $200 crystal flip flops together, when Sheena got a great idea – why not make gorgeous shoes for much, much less?

One year of hard work and product development later, Sheena launched Lizzie Lou Shoes, a line of handmade jewelled shoes billed as “more than a flip flop” – and they certainly are!

Lizzie Lou Shoes are gorgeous black sandals with stylish platform soles and comfortable EVA insoles (an eco-friendly and durable cushiony foam material).  With real leather straps and beautifully hand-sewn embroidery and crystal embellishments, Lizzie Lou Shoes look far more expensive than their actual price tags ranging from $79 to $119.

Lizzie Lou Shoes is actually anchored by moms in TWO continents.  Founder and creator, Sheena, is based out of Texas, but production of the shoes occurs in India and is managed by Sheena’s cousin – another work-from-home mom -- Shilpi Goel, in New Delhi.  Sheena says during a family visit to India in 2008, “I talked with my cousin who had design and manufacturing experience.  She wanted to start exporting goods to the US and I wanted to start my own business. It was a perfect arrangement for two stay-at-home moms.”

And the international arrangement adds to the uniqueness of the shoes themselves.  As Sheena explains, “Shilpi and I collaborate on the designs, so this brings a good mixture of western and Indian styles.  Our hand beading and sequins are typical of what you would see on traditional Indian clothes, bags or even home goods, but never before on flip flops.”

Recently asked to participate in a reality show that is being pitched to the TV networks about women inventors (and will soon be available on YouTube), Sheena is proud of the road she has traveled to develop Lizzie Lou Shoes.  Lizzie Lou Shoes was successfully launched after Sheena had been a stay-at-home mom for NINE years, proof that motherhood really can provide a great business and entrepreneurial background!

Now, Sheena works on growing her business, filling orders, marketing and developing -- all the while running after her three young children, ages 3, 7, and 10.   Luckily, she has some beautiful and comfortable shoes to wear! 

For more about Sheena and Lizzie Lou Shoes (and to keep track of upcoming 2011 styles and products!) check out her store.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exciting News about the new reality show

Jim DeBetta, CEO, DeBetta Enterprises

New reality show being pitched to TV networks!


Today, there are so many reality shows that are based on someone winning something and/or a show that is not really “real.” This show I was asked to participate in is something I can be proud of because it is true reality…women who go through each day of their busy lives trying to become successful inventors! Please check out the video and learn all about it…and hope we can make this a reality on TV!
Who are the Real Women Inventors of America? This video contains just a brief look at the journeys these women have endured while making their dreams of taking a product to market come true. We hope this story will be seen by a producer, network, or someone who can allow these ladies to have their stories heard by all of America!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn5tW7NMOqU