Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nerium Is The Next Big Thing!

Nerium International Receives the 2012 Global 

100 Bravo Award for Growth

Nerium receives the 2012 Global 100 Bravo Award for growth in business. With the astounding amount of sale growth in the first year of business the Bravo Award was an honor to receive for the success.

Addison, Texas (PRWEB) April 04, 2013

The Global 100 Awards were initiated in 2010, honoring the top 100 direct selling companies in the world. In the same year, the Bravo Award for Growth was introduced. The Bravo Award is granted to the company with the greatest percentage of certified revenue increase over the prior year.
Nerium International, a company that markets breakthrough skin care products validated by science, is pleased to receive the 2012 Global 100 Bravo Award for Growth.
John Fleming, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Direct Selling News, which publishes the Global 100 list, says, “In my many years in the industry, I do not think we have ever experienced a brand new company achieving $100 million in revenue in its first year of business. This achievement is a testimony to the leadership team, quality of product, service and support but also a tribute to the thousands of people who have chosen Nerium as customers and brand partners. This is really a remarkable accomplishment!”
Nerium International, which launched in 2011, did not launch in a rush. In fact, one of the company’s core values is to “slow down to go fast,” a concept that laid the foundation for the company’s phenomenal public reception.
Still, Nerium International’s CEO and Founder, Jeff Olson, was only willing to put his confidence in a product with more than a decade of research behind it. “My dream was to create the perfect direct sales company,” says Olson. “The combination of a long-range company mission, a well-planned business opportunity and a scientifically proven product allowed Nerium International to achieve the coveted Global Bravo Award for Growth.”
“Receiving this award really further validates the breakthrough product that NeriumAD is!” says co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Culture Amber Olson. “It is exciting for us to see the growth that comes from truly satisfied consumers, which in turn creates a fast-growing business for our brand partners.”
Brand partners, or those who sell the company’s flagship product, NeriumAD, are the primary focus of Nerium International. In fact, as President and co-Founder Dennis Windsor says, “Our management team is totally synched with the field. We listen, trust, empower and truly love our brand partners.”
While every successful business keeps a keen eye on its sales, Nerium International is about more than just the money. With programs such as Nerium Gives Back (to help boost brand partners’ financial success) and the Nerium Ripple (to make an active difference in others’ lives), along with the company’s partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, it’s clear that Nerium International has sought to offer authenticity and value from day one.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why Entrepreneurs are joining this company

I was first introduced to Nerium International about four months ago when several of my Facebook friends started joining the company.  I watched as they earned an ipad, started earning a real income and several earned their Lexus too.  I became very intrigued by their quick success, so when a close friend joined Nerium and told me why, I decided I didn't want to wait any longer to get on board.  

While doing my homework I found many successful entrepreneurs were joining Nerium and wanting to be a part of this amazing products growth.  Nerium spent 10 years developing their anti-aging cream before even bringing it to market.  

I've been using the product for 3 weeks and my skin looks more vibrant, moist, subtle, even skin toned and younger. 

So why would I chose to join a Direct Sales company when I own my own business.  Well it's a good investment for someone who wants to earn extra money.  I don't have to invest a lot of money or time, the product is already viable, and I don't have to build the brand or develop any of the marketing or advertising tools to start the my business. 

What should you look for when picking a company?  First, I wanted a product that I love and will actually use (daily).  Second, I joined under a leader in the company who is truly invested in her success and her teams success.  My upline consists of women and men who have proven successful in this industry and who are helping me build my business and team. 

Watch this short video to hear about what makes NeriumAD's clinical trials so unique and why this research should excite anyone who is thinking about trying this product.

Also, here is a link to view more of our real customer results; you won't believe what this product can do!

Check out this press release on the partnership that is creating so much buzz!