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Interview on Womentorz

, december 22, 2009

Inventor Showcase: Lizzie Lou Shoes

We have been meaning to showcase this invention for some time now and are so honored to have a product of this caliber on Womentorz.  I was thrilled to be given a pair as a gift for our December 21st launch party.  Not only did I look stylish, but my feet were also swimming in a sea of comfort.  With spring and summer in the foreseeable future I proudly put the spotlight on Lizzie Lou Shoes:

Q. How did the design process of Lizzie Lou Shoes begin?
My youngest daughter, Lizzie (often referred to as "Lizzie Lou"), has had an obsession with shoes from the age of two.  She is constantly looking for shoes with "bling."  We were out shopping one day when Lizzie showed me a pair of $200 crystal flip flops and asked whether they came in kids sizes.  Right then it dawned on me:  “Why there isn’t a line of gorgeous flip flops for mother and daughter?”  I took my idea to my cousin, Shilpi, who lives in India.  She had just had a baby girl but wanted to continue working from home. 

My cousin and I worked closely together through the development and design process.  Finding the right suppliers and manufacturer was very difficult.  Shilpi's connections in India and experience in clothing manufacture were essential to finding the right ones.  We continue to keep an eye out for the best parts and supplies to ensure that we import a high quality flip flop.

We worked through several design changes before we finalized our first three styles. After a year of development, Lizzie Lou Shoes officially arrived on the market on Mothers Day weekend, 2009.  We launched our business at a local boutique in Stone Oak, where I live.  We started with three styles of women's shoes and three matching styles of children's.  Since then we have expanded our women's line with six new styles, and three more in development.

Q. Please tell us about the handcrafted elements that make the overall amazing design.
Each flip flop is hand-stitched and embroidered.  Every sequin, bead, and crystal is hand-sewn to genuine leather straps, which are then cut and sewn on to the uppers of the flip flops.  The individual care that goes into this process makes each shoe unique.  It is not a mass-produced product—there are very limited numbers of each style being made.  Having one is like owning a unique piece of jewelry for your feet!

Q. What has been the most rewarding part of the inventing process?

Just seeing that my vision of the perfect flip flop become real.  It was so rewarding to look down at my feet and see them sparkle, and think back on all the time and energy I put into them. 

Q. What has been your greatest success with your business?

So far, it’s been having my shoes sold in several popular, high-end boutiques in my hometown,  San Antonio.  I love being out & about and seeing people wearing their "Lizzie Lous."  My clients and friends are always paying me compliments on comfort and style of our line.  I have enjoyed doing something that I can share with so many people, and especially being supported by fellow moms and friends.

Q. Your shoes are so comfortable!  What makes the soles of the shoe so special?
One of my goals was to make my flip flops comfortable to wear.  So many times women purchase shoes not for how they feel, but for how they look.  Lizzie Lou Shoes offer the best of both.  We found the highest quality EVA  soles available.  Many people don't know that EVA features excellent shock absorbing characteristics and is very lightweight. That’s the reason EVA is used for the insoles that people put into their shoes.  

To read the whole article visit the Womentorz Blog:

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  1. Simply love your flip-flops! Told my gal pals before the holiday (gifts for me in case they were thinking of getting me a gift)Follow you on Twitter. If it ain't my running shoes, it's my flip-flips. There is nothing in-between. Success to you in 2010 and let me know how I can continue to support you.

    Maggie Keenan